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Almond Encyclopedia - Morphological Characteristics of Almonds

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2019/01/15 00:00
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1, apricot deciduous small trees, 4 ~ 10m high; bark dark reddish brown, longitudinal crack. Single leaves alternate; leaves round or ovate, 5 to 9 cm long, 4 to 8 cm wide. The first leaves of the flowering in the spring, the flowers of the solitary branches, densely densely sessile, slightly sessile. Flowers sessately sessately sessately sately sately sately pubescently pubescently pubescently pubescently pubescent. Round to wide obovate; stamens numerous, inserted into the margin of the tube; pistil single carpel, inserted into the base of the tube. Drupe round, sparsely ovate, 2.5 cm or more in diameter. Seed 1, heart-shaped, light red. Flowering period from March to July, fruiting period from June to July.
2, wild apricot: the main characteristics of this variant is the blade base wedge shape or wide wedge shape; flowers often 2 clusters, reddish; fruit nearly spherical, red; nuclear ovoid, away from the meat, rough surface and reticulated, often sharp edges .
3, mountain apricot: shrubs or small trees, 2-5m high. Leaves ovate or suborbicular, long (3-) 5-10 cm, broad (2.5-) 4-7 cm. Flowers solitary, 1.5–2 cm in diam.; sepals oblong-oblong, apate apate; petals suborbicular or obovate, white or pink. The fruit is oblate, 1.5-2.5cm in diameter, flat on both sides, and the flesh is thin and dry. It cracks when cooked and tastes sour and cannot be eaten. The core is easy to separate from the pulp, and the base is asymmetrical and smooth on one side. Flowering period from April to May, fruiting period from June to July.
4, Northeast apricot large trees, 5 to 15 meters high. Young branches are hairless. The leaves are elliptical or ovate, 6 to 12 cm long and 3 to 8 cm wide. Flowers pink or white; stamens numerous; ovate densely pilose. The drupe is nearly spherical, 1.5-2.6 cm in diameter, yellow; the core is nearly spherical or broadly elliptical, 13-18 mm long, 11-18 mm wide, rough, and blunt. Flowering period from April to May, fruiting period in July.