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Almond and almond

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2018/11/16 15:25
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In daily life, many people especially like to eat almonds. Almonds are divided into sweet almonds and bitter apricots: California almonds are a kind of sweet almonds, while Chinese almonds are bitter almonds. Sweet almonds are slightly sweet and delicate, and are popular snacks. The taste of bitter almonds is stronger, and the uncooked bitter almonds contain toxic hydrocyanic acid. Such almonds must be boiled to remove toxicity. However, by chance, the almonds were yellowed inside.
Almond and almond
So can the almonds be yellowed inside?
01, smell a smell, have not changed the taste.
02. If you change your taste, it will prove that you have changed. You can't eat it.
03, yellowing should be a change in character.
During the shelf life, no scent (oily taste) can be taken. Nowadays, the raw material of almonds on the market is sweet almond, which has the effect of relieving cough and relieving cough. It is advisable to take an appropriate amount of no more than 20 grams per day.
Almond and almond
The best way to peel almonds
First, boiling water to boil
01. Find a large enough pan, add half of the water, and heat to boiling.
02. Put the almonds to be peeled into the pan, keep the water boiling and cook for 30 seconds. Be careful, don't cook too long, otherwise the almonds will lose the crunchy taste.
03. Lose the filtered water and rinse the almonds with cold water. Then spread the almonds on the towel and use a towel to blot the water. This time you will see the skin of the almonds wrinkled.
04. When the temperature of the almonds drops to the time you can take it by hand, pinch the almonds with your thumb and fingers, and the almond skin will be lost. Careful, don't use too much force, or the almonds inside will be squeezed out.
05. Put the peeled almonds on a separate towel and put them in a small bowl. When you peel all the almonds, if you don't eat them right away, put them in a sealed bag. And then freeze to survive.
Almond and almond
Second, the lye heating and digestion
Use alkaline surface and tap water to form a lye of PH=10, and participate in almonds. The ratio of the two is better than immersing the almonds in alkali. Heat and cook for 20 minutes. At this point, the almond skin has become sturdy and thin, and can be removed by stirring. Especially when eating bitter almonds, you must first soak them in water for a few times, and heat them to boil, reducing or even eliminating the toxic substances in them. At the same time, be sure to peel and remove the tip (germ). ---
The skin of bitter almonds must not be eaten. Bitter almonds do not initiate eating, if you eat more thoroughly peeled. Bitter almonds are often used as medicines, and the skin and tips of bitter almonds are removed during the time of medicine. If you want to eat bitter almonds at home, you can use the boiled water to make the almonds soft, then peel off, and the almond tips are also stripped together. If you feel uncomfortable after eating bitter almonds, you should immediately induce vomiting and seek medical attention as soon as possible.
The difference between almond and almond varieties
Badanmu is not an apricot, but an animal of the genus Almond in the genus Peach. It is the nut of the almond; the almond belongs to the Rosaceae and is the apricot. The fruit of the almond is flat oval, with one end round and the other end pointed; while the fruit of the almond is flat and long, resembling an elliptical shape. And the almond fruit is much smaller than the fruit of the almond.
Almond and almond
Almond and almond
According to the color of the skin of the fruit, the almond fruit is covered with a thin layer of brown skin; while the skin of the almond is yellowish. According to the fruit flavor, the aroma of almonds is slightly bitter; the fruit of Badanmu has a special sweet flavor.
Almonds are the core of a smooth appearance; while the outer shell of the almonds is as rough as a peach, with many gullies. According to the solid level of the shell, the shell of the almond is hard and not easy to peel off; the shell of the almond is very thin and can be opened with the fingernail.
Almond and almond
The nutritional cost of almonds and almonds is in the difference. The almonds are mainly for food and the almonds are used for medicinal costs. Badanmu is the most pitiful dried fruit of the Xinjiang Uygur people. It is mainly produced in the suburbs of Kashgar Oasis south of the Tianshan Mountains, Yingjisha, Shache, Yecheng and other counties; almonds are native to Central Asia, West Asia and the Mediterranean, and are introduced to warm Temperate zone.
Almond and almond