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Warehouse Manager

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Hebei Province-Baoding City-Anguo City
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Full time
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No limit
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No limit
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2018/11/29 10:26
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1. Clean the warehouses regularly, keep the warehouses neat and beautiful, and arrange the materials and equipment in order, store them neatly and accurately.
2. Formulation and operation management of the collection, distribution and inventory process of warehouse materials.
3. Proactively put forward reasonable management and management recommendations based on actual work conditions.
4. The warehouse clerk shall do the acceptance, accounting and distribution of the materials and equipment in and out of the warehouse according to the regulations, so that the accounts are consistent.
5. Training and management of warehouse operators.
6, the warehouse's safety work and material storage protection work.
7. Familiar with the variety, specifications, model and performance of the corresponding materials and equipment, and fill in the relevant points.
8. Correct opening, confirmation and handover of the operating documents.
9. Execution and supervision of the specific arrangements for the inventory work.