Hebei Oulixuan Food Co., Ltd.

Hebei Oury Hin Food Co., Ltd. was established in March 2017, with an export license qualification and food production license food. It is a limited liability company with independent legal person qualifications, which was established when the original company was restructured. The company has been committed to the research and development, production, processing and sales of food, mainly producing and processing undressed almonds. With excellent quality and sincere service, the company has won praises from many manufacturers, and has provided high-quality OEM services for large-scale domestic food enterprises for a long time. The marketing network covers all major and medium-sized cities at home and abroad.

The company covers an area of ​​5,000 square meters. In September 2017, the company expanded production and introduced a fully automatic production line and sewage treatment system with advanced domestic level. Invested millions of yuan to purchase more than 30 sets of mechanical equipment, complete testing facilities, and complete testing methods. And in the food raw and auxiliary materials storage area, debittering workshop to take multiple safety facilities to ensure the stability and reliability of product quality in all links, providing a strong guarantee for high-quality products.

The enterprise adopts the domestic advanced production line and the whole process of conveyor belt transmission to ensure the production process is safe and efficient. The company purchases 9 sets of automatic stirring and debittering devices, which are easy to operate and have high uniformity. The advanced debittering device guarantees the quality of each almond product. The company adopts advanced intelligent CCD color sorting machine, adopts intelligent image processing algorithm and high-quality solenoid valve to separate impurities and yellow sheets. Compared with traditional manual selection, it has high accuracy, saving time, labor and high efficiency. In terms of product packaging, the company purchased a fully automatic weighing and packaging device with accurate weighing and tight packaging. In the high-quality work, not only the product quality is improved, but also the manpower is saved and the production efficiency is improved. The advanced and efficient production mode enables the company to produce 1,000 tons of undressed almonds annually and annual sales income of 40 million yuan. River Nordic Lixuan Food Co., Ltd. is constantly developing towards the leading enterprises of stripping almonds.

Ou Lixuan Undressed Almond is made from the original bitter almond. After soaking, debittering, peeling, drying, sorting, packaging and other processing links, it becomes a white almond with peeling and bitterness. Almonds in the light are auxiliary materials for making pastries, sweets, food, soups and dishes. Ou Lixuan undressed almonds are made from high-quality almonds in the mountains. They are pesticide-free, non-dirty and nutritious. The products are exported to foreign countries all year round. They are the must-have food products for all major food processing and hotels!